Rescue Strike Back APK Free Download


Rescue Strike Back Free Download Apk For PC Android Game

Rescue Strike Back APK Free Download. The government has made a big mistake when they desired to raise the combat capability of the army. A contract was established for strengthening their soldiers by newly discovered creature from Nova. However this contract were quickly failed when Things got out of hand at restricted area 47, an impossible event was happened when this creature had seized control of the strengthened army.

Rescue Strike Back APK Free Download
Before the dead failure of the government, an other contract was established between the government and the expendables, but ever since, the contract was become the struggle to survive. Now, the world don’t against chemical warfare or nuclear warfare, against alien warfare.
Let’s join Jones to combat the enemy, performing mission impossible for stemming the tide.

Rescue Strike Back APK Game Features:

This android Game is free for every one.
Make right decision of Chief command of Army.
Unlock new levels & setting new standard with new latest weapons from guns & tanks & Air craft.
Best stagy to control over battles and wining of battles.
Got All resources for wining the battle against enemy.

Rescue Strike Back


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